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About us

Media for development

Our mission is to help organisations communicate their impact through videos and digital media. We do this by empowering and supporting nonprofits, startups and social enterprises to produce high quality and engaging media productions to reach their goals.


We are a creative and energetic team with a drive to creatively reach organisations goals.


We are a diverse team of individuals with different backgrounds in the film and audio industry and focus on collaborating and empowering new and upcoming talent into the industry.


We develop media that can increase the sustainability of organisations by supporting their long term goals and impact.


We know that customers come first and value our relationships with them.

We believe that when our clients succeed so do we.

Behind the scenes

Valeria Jimenez

Producer and Director

An experienced video producer and editor. Working across documentary, advertising and the nonprofit industry, Val is passionate about documenting stories of impact.

She has a Film Production Degree and extensive experience working in different countries producing high quality and creative materials for organisations in Australia and abroad. She loves working with clients that value video as an effective tool for making impact.

Erik Malan

Business Development and Audio Engineer

Erik is a passionate business person. He has been working in the film industry for over 6 years. Eriks goals is support organisations to align their strategic goals with their media to bring the best outcomes and help them achieve their goals and grow as businesses.

He has a passion for collecting degrees. With a Bachelor in Film Production, Audio Engineering and an MBA, Erik is your go-to guy if you need advice on business, media and audio. 

Steph Beausaert

Production Coordinator and Photographer

Steph has been working in the film and TV industry for 5 years. She has experience working across various media platforms from TV Commercials to TV shows. She is also a passionate photographer, capturing various genres. From script to set, Steph makes sure everything runs smoothly to give the best service to clients. She’s organised and hard working but believes it’s always important to enjoy life to the maximum.