A FARAT e-Leaning and website case study

This case study delves into work of developing a WordPress based e-learning system tailored for Fire and Rescue Australia Training PTY LTD (FARAT), highlighting the strategic approach taken to meet specific educational, budgetary and accessibility needs.

Company Background

Fire and Rescue Australia Training delivers quality emergency response training to fire departments, mines, and private emergency response teams both on a national and international level.



FARAT operates within the educational and emergency response industries. And this specific platform caters for the Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package.

Project Overview

E-Learning System Development for FARAT

The project entailed the creation of a comprehensive e-learning system tailored for FARAT, designed to facilitate remote education. My goal was to develop an intuitive new website design with a scalable e-learning platform that worked within WordPress utilising the plugin Learnpress.

Primary Users

Target Audience

The primary audience for FARAT’s e-learning system includes current or future employees of resource (mining), infrastructure and industry in the emergency services sector. As well as the resource sector businesses aiming to provide their employees with upskilling opportunities in emergency services.

The Challenge

Identifying the Need

The primary challenge faced by FARAT was the need to streamline its training process across Australia. The existing methods were costly, time-consuming, and not sustainable.  There was the need to provide students with printed versions, post them and wait for the materials to arrive before revision, etc. This led to the search for a tailored e-learning system designed to unify and enhance the learning experience efficiently. 

Strategic Approach

Process & Strategy

Creating the new website involved presenting a sequence of proposed mockups that underwent revisions based on client feedback. Additionally, all data from the previous website was migrated to the updated version. Explore the revamped website at farat.au

In crafting an effective e-learning system for FARAT, I implemented a phased strategy that prioritised user-centric design and scalable learning technology. 

Here’s how the process unfolded:


1. Research and Alignment

Conducted in-depth research to grasp FARAT’s educational objectives and the specific requirements of its target audience. Developed a project plan and brief collaboratively with FARAT’s approval to ensure alignment and clarity of goals.

2. Customised Pathways and Digital Translation

Designed customised learning pathways aligning with users’ journeys and prior learning experiences. These pathways were then translated into digital formats to seamlessly integrate with the e-learning platform.

3. Technical Development and Iterative Testing

Collaborated closely with back-end developers, leveraging the LearnPress plugin. This process involved iterative testing phases to ensure adherence to project requirements. Proactively managed budget and time allocations to address unforeseen challenges and scope expansions, maintaining clear communication with the client throughout.

4. Client Guidance and Support

Created user-friendly manuals to assist clients in navigating the system’s functionalities. Conducted rigorous testing using diverse cases and forms to guarantee smooth system performance and user experience.

5. Backend Infrastructure and Analytics Integration

Implemented a robust backend system enabling effortless content updates and comprehensive data analytics. This facilitated continuous improvement and informed decision-making based on user engagement metrics.

By following this approach, I ensured the development of an e-learning platform tailored to FARAT’s needs, fostering engaging learning experiences and empowering efficient management of the platform.


The e-learning system developed for FARAT has significantly improved the learning experience for users, evidenced by a 40% increase in time completion rates. Post-launch feedback indicates a high level of user satisfaction, with particular praise for the system’s ease of use and practicality. The platform’s scalability has allowed FARAT to manage their time efficiently, with a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business offering, and adapting to changing educational demands.

Project Impact Highlights


decrease in time consumption.


reduction in printing costs


Content Accessibility Rate


increase in user satisfaction

Client Feedback

Valeria’s strategic approach in problem-solving and keen eye for identifying opportunities to enhance our platform proved immensely valuable. Additionally, her clear communication, particularly for those of us less tech-savvy, greatly facilitated the success of our new e-learning platform.

Len Batley, Director, FARAT

The e-learning system developed by Valeria has transformed our educational approach, making learning both engaging and effective. The custom features tailored to our needs have been particularly impactful.

Luke Batley, Head of training, FARAT

‘Doing the unit online through the new FARAT e-learning was incredibly convenient and easy. I appreciated the immediate access to my results, which made the whole process even more enjoyable.’


Key takeaway

Through strategic innovation and targeted e-learning solutions, FARAT has successfully enhanced its educational delivery, ensuring comprehensive learning experiences that are both scalable and impactful. This project not only streamlined their processes but also significantly improved user engagement and knowledge retention among learners.

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