Investing in Women

Brand development, logo design, web design, and graphic design.

In this project, I worked on developing a brand for the newly formed “Investing in Women Foundation,” a program funded by DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) and implemented by ABT Associates, and Investing in Women Asia. As part of their Creative and Communications Panel – Creative Design Consultant, I delivered a comprehensive branding package, including guidelines, logos, and web design. I also supported Investing in Women in developing a range of design templates for their communications portfolio.

Branding and logo

My role involved conducting extensive research on the target audience, market, and the brand’s operating area. Throughout the process, I closely followed the client’s requirements outlined in the brief and tasking notes provided to me, while also incorporating my own creative ideas to enhance the brand’s assets.

I began by creating several draft designs, each accompanied by detailed explanations, to present various branding suggestions. These drafts included options for the logo and different color schemes. Once the client selected a design and brand style, I proceeded to develop a compelling tagline and further refined the branding based on the changes requested.

Draft submissions

Branding deliverables

The final deliverables consisted of a comprehensive branding guideline that outlined the brand’s identity and visual elements. Additionally, I provided a complete logo design package, and website design and development.

Overall, my involvement in the project encompassed thorough branding research, creative design concepts creation, and client collaboration.

Web Design for Investing in Women

The web design project for IW was both challenging and creatively rewarding. I was tasked with creating a visually appealing and functional website. Collaborative discussions with stakeholders were key in shaping the site's structure and aesthetics. I began by developing a series of mockups in Photoshop. Based on the feedback received, I then created a staging site in WordPress for the IW team to visualize and navigate a more realistic design. After incorporating their final revisions, I made the necessary updates to the staging site and transferred the approved final files to their internal web developers. The result was a clean, user-friendly website that effectively communicates the foundation's goals and initiatives.

Empowering Communications through Design

I supported Investing in Women by developing a versatile range of design templates tailored to their communication needs. This initiative was crucial in enabling the foundation to maintain a consistent and professional brand image across various materials.

My work with IW continued with the requirement to conceptualize and develop a series of design styles and visual treatments. These were then used to create templates for all IW communication materials in order to standardize branding and maintain a consistent design and look throughout IW’s communication materials and knowledge products.

The final deliverables consisted of templates in InDesign, PowerPoint, and Word, which incorporated designs for cover sheets, reports, fact sheets, brochures, and newsletters. Additionally, a set of icons was created to represent the various program streams.

To see samples of this work, please explore the gallery below.