General Marketing, social media and web design

For more than a decade, I have been dedicated to developing effective marketing and social media strategies for clients. Throughout my experience, I have also created compelling digital content that aligns with these strategies, helping clients achieve their goals and engage their target audiences.


SAMERC, FARAT, Vislabs, AV Consulting

Work Type

Marketing, social media, web and graphic design

Client: SAMERC

Working with SAMERC (South Australian Mines Emergency Response Competition) for the past 3 year, my role has centered around the production of multimedia content. I focus on overseeing the management of SAMERC’s social media accounts and website, ensuring that they align with the requirements set by the competition committee and sponsors. This involves working closely with sponsors and other businesses to ensure that every brand guideline is meticulously followed when creating graphics and promotional materials for the competition.

I have successfully increased engagement on social media platforms and developed strategic social media plans for the annual competition. Additionally, I am actively engaged in capturing video and photography coverage of the competition. This includes producing a concise and impactful highlights video that showcases the key moments of the event. In addition, I am dedicated to delivering high-quality, expertly edited photographs that beautifully capture the event.

Client: FARAT

For this project, I successfully led the development of FARAT’s brand-new website, seamlessly incorporating an e-Learning platform within the WordPress framework. In my role, I handled client and project management responsibilities while also contributing to front-end web design. Working closely with a skilled back-end developer, I efficiently implemented the e-Learning system. A crucial aspect of my work involved organizing the user journey to ensure a user-friendly experience and providing clear instructions for clients to navigate and manage the platform. I also created user-friendly manuals to guide clients through the system’s functionalities and conducted rigorous testing using comprehensive cases and forms to ensure seamless system performance. Feel free to visit the new website using the following link: 

Client: AV Consulting

This project was a close collaboration with the client, resulting in the establishment of a professional website on the WordPress platform. By implementing a responsive web design approach, we ensure a seamless user experience across devices. Furthermore, I successfully integrate a booking calendar and a secure payment system to enhance our service offerings. To create a cohesive and efficient online presence, I also develop a Shopify store, seamlessly integrating it into our existing website.

Client: Vislabs

I provide comprehensive support to this client in developing their website and marketing materials, both in print and digital formats, to effectively promote their services.

Our collaboration began with the creation of their brand identity, which encompassed designing their logo. Additionally, I crafted a marketing collateral pack for their business, which included various elements such as website design, poster templates, folders, business cards, and other stationary items. Together, these efforts have established a cohesive and impactful visual presence for their brand, enabling them to effectively communicate their message to their target audience.

More examples of my web design work: