Emerging Minds

Digital Media Productions

For a duration of three years, I had the privilege of working with Emerging Minds, a non-profit organization committed to advancing the mental health of children in Australia.

Videos and animations

During my tenure as a Communications Officer – Multimedia Producer, my primary responsibility revolved around creating effective media resources, audio, video and/or animation for social media and other online channels.

Additionally, I undertook the task of filming and editing a series of interviews that were integrated into the courses and other resources featured on the organisation’s website. As a one-person crew, I handled all aspects of the filming process, including equipment setup in both location and studio settings, managing lighting arrangements, handling microphones, operating the camera, assisting the interviewer with questions, and ultimately editing the videos. This encompassed working on both video and audio post-production until the final delivery of the completed videos.

You can find some samples of my video and motion graphics work in the gallery on the left-hand side.

Podcast productions

I also oversaw the podcast arm of the organization, including planning, recording and post production. Provided support to the host(s) and the rest of the content development team throughout the conceptualization and production process. Along with supporting the rest of the communications team with updating and maintaining the website using WordPress, developing marketing and communications materials to promote e-learning content, as well as supporting online and live events such as webinars, interactive sessions and conferences.

Currently, I am actively engaged in a freelance collaboration with them, focusing on the postproduction aspects of their generic podcast series. My responsibilities entail editing the podcasts, as well as handling the mixing and production of the corresponding YouTube versions. For a glimpse of my work, you can find some samples located on the right-hand side.



The following are some samples that exemplify my experience in creating other design work during my tenure with Emerging Minds, including app mockups, informative technical guides, reports, and guidelines.