Kelvin Grove State College – Video Productions

I led the development of a series of video productions for Kelvin Grove State College in Brisbane, Australia. From the inception of the projects to the final editing stages, I collaborated with the crew in every aspect of the process.


Kelvin Grove State College

Project Type

Video productions

One of our primary projects involved creating a series of concise videos that showcased the exceptional afterschool programs offered by the school. Additionally, we produced a video with the goal of promoting parental participation in post-school reading activities with their children. And finally, we worked on another video that captured the essence of the school’s science event, “Way Beyond Today Expo.” 

You can watch some of the videos in the gallery on the rigth.

To ensure a smooth delivery of these videos, we closely collaborated with the school’s marketing department. We started by conducting an initial video strategy meeting to understand the needs and requirments of our client.

I then developed a proposal that included the scope of work, our methodology, filming schedule and timeline, along with a visual brief. Once this was accepted by the client, we focused on coordinating the production process without disrupting the children’s class schedules and activities. It was of utmost importance for us to adhere to the highest standards of child safety and protection, ensuring that children were safeguarded against exploitation or harm. In order to achieve this, we obtained image release forms from every parent and guardian involved.

My role in the projects revolved around being a producer and editor. I closely worked with the client to comprehend their requirements and effectively communicate the desired messages through the videos. This involved coordinating the crew, managing the budget and filming schedule, and ensuring smooth logistics. Subsequently, I took charge of the video editing process, including tasks such as post-production, color grading, and adding visual effects.